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It’s the foundation of who we are. ArtFormed Technology combined with Deco Directional styling is the culmination of countless design and development efforts focused on invoking both presence and function through every Artisa wheel. From the weight reduced barrel construction to our Deco Directional design work, the functions of all Artisa Wheels are to provide an experience that was previously only known in the bespoke forged wheel market.

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Artisa wheels are designed using our Deco Directional styling. Derived from the intricate craftsmanship of one of the most popular forms of art, Art Deco, our Deco Directional designs hope to capture the same feeling of awe as some of the greatest architectural creations the world has ever known. As one of the only companies in the world to create directional monoblock wheels, each Artisa wheel offers a design element previously only known in the forged wheel market; without the forged wheel price.

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We pour our hearts and souls into each canvas to create an iconic design. Artisa wheels are the perfect blend of beauty and purpose. With over 10 years of industry experience, we’ve seen what’s been offered and what you’ve been looking for. We create what no one else has.

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